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The Elizabeth Gamble Foundation was established in honor of the late grandmother of Founder Tea Hines. Tea Hines, serving as the President of The Elizabeth Gamble Foundation, is committed to building strong connections between small businesses and education partners within the community.


As the driving force behind the organization, Tea Hines oversees all aspects of its operations. From guiding the mission and fundraising efforts to managing day-to-day operations and engaging with the board of directors, Tea ensures that the foundation remains dedicated to its core purpose.


One of Tea Hines' remarkable achievements has been the transformation of Pack the Back into a highly sought-after annual event. By aligning the foundation's work with core values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, Tea has made Pack the Back a pivotal initiative each August.


Tea's passion and dedication have made her instrumental in bridging the gap between small businesses and education partners. Through her leadership, the foundation has become a catalyst for collaboration and collective action, benefiting underserved children and families in the community.


The Elizabeth Gamble Foundation is committed to upholding the legacy of Elizabeth Gamble and her vision of empowering future generations. With Tea Hines at the helm, the foundation continues to make a profound impact by fostering meaningful partnerships and creating opportunities for underserved youth.


Join us in supporting The Elizabeth Gamble Foundation as we work together to create positive change and build a brighter future for our community.

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